Jones Tom -She’s a lady (CD)


Artist/grupp: Jones Tom
Titel: She’s a lady
Typ: CD
Kategori: Musik/Pop, Rock & Punk
Artikelnummer: 13173
EAN: 0724348610621
Distributör: JGS
Antal skivor: 1
Label: Disky
Produktionsår: 1996
1. She’s a lady
2. Somethin’ bout you baby i like
3. Move closer
4. If Ising you a love song
5. You’ve got a friend
6. I (who have nothing)
7. Till
8. The young new Mexican puppeteer
9. Letter to Lucille
10. Puppet man
11. Pledging my love
12. All I ever need is you
13. You’ll never walk alone
14. Take me tonight
15. Love is in the air
16. Witch queen of new orleans
17. At this moment
18. Tired of being alone
19. To all the girls I loved before
20. My way

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