Richard Cliff – As good as it gets! (2cd)(CD)



1-1Nine Times Out Of Ten
1-2Gee Whiz It’s You
1-3Choppin’ ’n’ Changin’
1-4She’s Gone
1-5Willie And The Handjive
1-6Fall In Love With You
1-7Lamp Of Love
1-8Please Don’t Tease
1-9Don’t Be Mad At Me
1-10I’m Gonna Get You
1-11D’ In Love
1-12Evergreen Tree
1-13I Love You
1-14I Cannot Find A True Love
1-15Where Is My Heart
1-16Thinking Of Our Love
1-17Working After School
1-18Tell Me
1-19I Love You So
1-20You And I
1-21You’re Just The One To Do It
1-22I’m Willing To Learn
1-23We Have It Made
1-24I Don’t Know
1-25Left Out Again
2-1I’m Gonna Get You
2-2You And I
2-3I Cannot Find A True Love
2-4Evergreen Tree
2-5She’s Gone
2-6Left Out Again
2-7You’re Just The One To Do It
2-8Lamp Of Love
2-9Choppin’ ’n’ Changin’ [Alternate Stereo Take]
2-10We Have It Made [Alternate Stereo Take]
2-11Tell Me [Alternate Stereo Take]
2-12Gee Whiz It’s You
2-13I Love You So
2-14I’m Willing To Learn [Alternate Stereo Take]
2-15I Don’t Know
2-16Working After School
2-17A Voice In The Wilderness [Single Version]
2-18Bongo Blues [Instrumental (Shadows)
2-20A Voice In The Wilderness
2-21The Shrine On The Second Floor
2-22Cliff’s Personal Message To You

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